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Instructions for precision die processing

DATE:2018/7/11 10:59:14 TIMES:1615
(1) precision mold selection grinding wheel: for high tungsten, high vanadium, high molybdenum, high alloy and high hardness of mould material, PA chrome steel grinding wheel and GC green SiC wheel can be selected. When machining hard alloy and hardened hardness, organic binder diamond grinding wheel and organic binder grinding wheel are used for grinding. The accuracy of the workpiece is over IT5, and the roughness can reach Ra=0.16 m requirements. The CBN cubic boron nitride wheel is used for finishing the CNC grinding machine, the coordinate grinding machine and the CNC internal and external grinding machine, and the effect is better than that of other kinds of grinding wheels. In the grinding process, the grinding wheel should be trimmed in time to maintain the sharpness of the grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is passivated, the grinding wheel will be rubbed, carved and extruded on the surface of the workpiece, causing the surface of the workpiece to burn, the micro cracks or the grooves, which will affect the processing precision.
(2) the selection of precision die intake: the precision grinding is small, the grinding should be cooled fully, the precision mold is chosen as the coolant medium as far as possible, and the spare parts in the 0.01mm should be grinded at constant temperature.
(3) workpiece clamping: the characteristics of shaft parts are made up of multiple revolving surfaces, and the precision machining method is generally used in grinding internal and external grinder. In the process of processing, the grinding machine is used to clamp the workpiece or the top of the tail frame to position the workpiece or position the workpiece with the first two top and the end. At this time, the connection between the chuck and the center of the top is the center line of the workpiece after grinding. If the center line pulsate, the coaxiality of the workpiece after processing can't reach the requirement, so it is necessary to do a good job with the pinhead and the top before the processing. Heart test and first - end top - to - end check. When the inner hole is grinded, the clamping craft should be taken into consideration, that is, the bending strength under the action of the car is the design criterion, the stability under the axial pressure of the telescopic arm is checked by the axial pressure Fb, and the number of segments, the length of each section (not greater than the length of the longest arm), and the side plate of the box section are high. According to the density of the material, the initial weight of the telescopic boom can be obtained according to the material density.